The Gap between Law and Enforcement.

The schematization of misanthropy known as the Coronavirus has exposed anarchy within the police force. That is to say, politicized law enforcement(driven by incentives such as bribery) ceases to be law enforcement when they enforce by-law offenses as if they were crimes.

By-law officers also cease to be by-law officers when they fine people for things that are utterly trivial, non verifiable and do not allow for negotiation. The by-law officers, like the police, require that self gratification of doing their job for the sake of doing something. They use professionalism to cover up their imbecility.

The emergence of the Covid-police(especially here in Canada) could be seen at the beginning of the year and in the summer where the police did nothing to remove or arrest the climate change railway blockaders, the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter protest, the Unifor blockade of the Co-op Refinery(a blockade that took place on private property) and the filthy tent cities all across Toronto which turned public parks into dumping grounds for used needles, beer bottles and feces.

One could argue, and rightfully so, that the solutions to stopping the above occupations from happening would be to privatize the police force and increase private property rights by hiring your own private security to force people off the property.

These solutions, whatever their merit, can only be attained by first discrediting the status quo. We therefore must make our arguments and investigations from the starting point that the police are being influenced from the political monism-that is to say that there is an overarching principle which public health, ministry of justice and the police themselves are adherent to. If this were untrue, why is it that very few provincial governments and public health officials differ when it comes to agreeing that lockdowns are “essential” or “circuit breakers”. Premier Kenny of Alberta appears to be the most non-conformist of provincial governments pre lockdown, the most important point being that he still put Alberta into a lockdown which he later admitted was a “stupid” mistake.

We must do away with what provincial governments say in front the camera and look into what they are actually doing behind the scenes. We must first ask; “Why did Covid restrictions come from subordinate legislation rather than actually going through the legislature to ensure procedural fairness through debate and by having an economic analysis of the impacts such restrictions would have.

We know that such legislation is designed to limit transparency, but we also know that provincial governments make these decisions to impose a type of value orthodoxy wherein no one can force the government to do epistemology in order to justify their laws.

It must therefore be assumed that government does not want to justify their laws because they have shadowy obligations which supersede the economy and the common good. It is from this starting point where one must begin his journalistic or financial investigations.

As it relates to law enforcement, the people either must obstruct officers from enforcing unlawful laws or force them to research what it is they are enforcing. I will write more on this in the next entry.




I am a lay libertarian, bioethicist, writer, philosopher, alternative health and reform advocate and more.

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Luke "Lantern" Thompson

Luke "Lantern" Thompson

I am a lay libertarian, bioethicist, writer, philosopher, alternative health and reform advocate and more.

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