On The Toronto “Vaccine” Clinics.

Luke "Lantern" Thompson
5 min readMay 25, 2021

THE political accessories of the Coronavirus cartel continue their aimless endaevour to maximize their collusion induced profits while maximizing ignorance and illness in those they have deceived. The medical consensus within politics is but a dot of ink on the landscape of the real medical consensus with the likes of Dr. Edgar Hodgkinson(Canada), Dr. Shiva(US), Libertarian philosopher Tom Woods(US), Libertarian and former doctor Ron Paul(US),United Frontline Nurses(US and Canada) and those who signed the Great Barrington Declaration(world wide) who have both morally condemned and disproven the claims of the fear mongers who produce baseless dictates from the narrow corridors of political theatre.

The Toronto vaccine clinics, who are administering a pseudo-vaccine because it has not gone through the long term trials which are characteristic of a proper vaccine, have outdone their former dishonor with a new brand of dishonor which disregards the wellness of vulnerable children. The City of Toronto recently announced that kids over 12 do not need parental consent to take an invasive vaccine with the unaccountable and uncontactable “chief” medical officer Elieen De Villa stating that is it “important” to for kids aged 12 to 17 to get the shot. Such blatantly unethical allowances for children, who are easily mesmerized by the false authority of those they have been taught to obey, represent the attitudes of the medical-politician tyrants in that they are using their immunity to facts and criticism to bypass the science of law, ethics and medicine to create their own pseudo-reality which is symbolized in their new pseudo-vaccine clinics.

The vaccine manufacturers are not too concerned with liability or misrepresentation because those receiving the Jesters Jab have not signed a contract with the manufacturer which says that people can be compensated if they get severe side effects from the Jab. Individual doctors, pharmacologists and businessman know that their Achilles heel would be to directly market their product with individual name recognition attached to that product. They know that people are less likely to be persuaded by a no-name advocate of the product who will talk about the unverified benefits of the Jab while smiling in a way that is so obviously dis-ingenious. They know that persuading people is only effective through name recognition and by having access news outlets, government advertisements and any other network than can distribute information to television and radio programs that were formerly neutral and thus apolitical. These companies also know that if they were hire armed lackeys to threaten people into closing down their business until enough people have been jabbed, then they would be charged by the police after having their lackeys dispatched by law abiding gun owners or by the police themselves.

Instead of making their own lackeys, these companies realized that there were lackeys already present in the official police force. Overstaffed police stations, sociopathic people in uniforms, political policing(i.e. not doing a criminal investigation into the organizers of BLM or Antifa violence because they are accessories of the government), police officers not knowing the law, collusion with no accountability, Transgender clinics for children(BC), employees who work for the Child Aid Society who have taken peoples kids away because they refused their sexual advances, provincial laws that make vaccines mandatory for elementary students, commissions who make their own laws(i.e. the Albertan farmer who were arrested under the influence of the wheat board in 2002), psychiatric facilities who can imprison people without due process for a pre-diagnosed mental illness, prohibitions on the private sale of alcohol even though the government run LCBO loses millions of dollars ever year due to theft, prohibitions on private health care and other scandals that have set the scene for medical fascism.

Unlike other so-called international pandemics such as the Swine flu, Ebola, Zika or H1N1, Covid is the only one where we have seen people be fined or even handcuffed, shackled and caged for trivial mandate(not law) violations. Laws made by the executive council are not laws, because they have never been debated in the legislature-but even if they had gone through the legislative process, the law would still be null and void as public health need evidence to prove that people are being sick from high transmission “hotspots” and that they should be physically restrained from going to hotspot X. Contact tracing was mandated for private businesses and public buildings so that they could locate the “spreader” if someone were to get ill, but after asking multiple people in the private and public sector, in person and by phone, no one has used contact tracing to track down “spreaders” which indicates no one has been sick even though the mandates presume that every large gathering or building is a “hotspot” for transmission.

The politicians and the manufacturers need to compensate for their ill-legitimacy by using the police as hired guns. Without coercion, Covid is no different than Ebola or H1N1. With coercion, the Covid fearmongers are able to extend the narrative for as long as they like until it is destroyed by mass dissent. At Nathan Phillips Square, where a pseudo-vaccine clinic is located, there is a strong police presence not just for the pro liberty and pro child health rally that was there a few days ago, but to make sure that anyone who infiltrates the clinic and asks questions of the service providers or the recipients of the service are escorted off the property and trespassed for “disturbing the peace” even though the people being asked questions have a choice to react aggressively or calmly. No one is responsible for another persons immaturity.

In order to defeat these coercive forces, we focus on the blatant and irreconcilable absurdities that cannot be defended. Instead of talking about vaccines and PCR testing, one ought persuade others by keeping their attention fixed to the illegalities of the police state. By focusing on legal problems as opposed to the health problems, we can flesh out more pragmatic solutions to the corruption that ails us.