On The Illegal Imprisonment Of Pastor James Coates.

Pastor Coates.

Tell physic of her boldness; Tell skill of its pretension; Tell charity of coldness; Tell law it is contention;

And as they do reply, so give them still the lie”-Sir Walter Raleigh.

THE IMPRISONMENT OF PASTOR COATES was the most blatantly heinous and incoherent act of indulgent political law the province of Alberta has ever seen since Albertan wheat farmers were arrested for selling their own wheat to the US because they were in the jurisdiction of the now(thankfully) defunct wheat board.

What makes the arrest of Pastor Coates particularly more heinous is that he wasn’t breaking an unfair law, he was breaking a public health press conference talking point which was later branded as the “law”. From what I gather, the Public Health Act has not been amended to say churches must close without any evidence of anyone having a “communicable” disease. If the Act had been amended, than the law(so-called) must still be broken so that its baselessness can be exposed in a court of law. Specialized laws such as public health law are much like a swamp creature which grabs ahold of you once you were settled and convinced that the seemingly tranquil pond was incapable of housing such a monstrosity. Like the monster in the pond, unjust laws and political power always linger just below the surface readying itself to act on the sufficient idiocy of public consent.

Just imagine yourself catching a fish on an empty sea and then having a police sea patrolman examine the fish to see if the size of it is legal. If the fish is above legal size, the officer (being the extortionate scoundrel that he is) will not simply tell you that particular fish is prohibited as he necessarily has to coerce you to attend court as an idolatrous gesture to his petty justice of the peace comrades. All pleasantries that you have with an officer of the law(so-called) are but a ruse to make the incoming unpleasantness of what the law is(usually in accordance with his misinterpretation) sound benign and sensible when it is actually illogical and laughable. Now imagine a petite woman and her two children attend a crowded church service and are then confronted by a large policeman who must compensate for his fragile masculinity by angrily stating, without any recognition of circumstance, that “you are in violation of the law young lady! As an honorable servant of the courts I must declare that you are under arrest and that you will be paraded in chains for all the court to see because you breached the(corrupt/unjust) restriction put on you by our idols! All hail father justice!”.

It is ingrained in modern police culture that one must carry out enforcement for enforcements sake. When one confronts a police officer over his misconduct, he may state that he is entitled to do X(despite X being brutal) or he will play dumb and say I am “just following orders”. I cannot think of any job where an electrician would leave live wires exposed or where a plumber would turn a valve which would cause a flood and then say the “he is just following orders”. Pardon my common sense questioning dear public servants, but I must ask; if your esteemed(esteemed in his own circle that is) boss gave you orders to break up a prison brawl without proper protective equipment, would you do it? Why of course you wouldn’t! It would impose unnecessary suffering onto you much like how your boss(through you) imposes unnecessary suffering on those exercising their inalienable rights! The nonchalant body language you politicized officers display when enforcing illegal orders is pathetic!

As we can see from our two examples, all victimless crime laws(a.k.a soft tyranny) are designed to be in obscurity until brought up to the surface by a jumped up police officer who attempts to create conflict much like the food critic who nitpicks at details which are so fine that he has to make some of them up to generate enough controversial stimuli to amuse himself. A sociopath will wear many costumes to attain the suffering of others be they security guards, bank managers, police officers, teachers, tax collectors, prosecutors, investigators, legislators etc. The fiends who ordered for Pastor Coats to be illegally arrested did not care that their actions were illegal as they needed satisfy their lust for vengeance when they felt that they were being mocked by Pastor Coates when he stood completely calm and proud in defiance of the Crown Prosecutions high and mighty ego.

Despite the arrest of Pastor Coates, his church continues to operate in his absence in defiance of the public health orders(not laws). The police and the attorney general know they cannot make mass arrests as it would create 100 new martyrs and a fourfold increase in public(and now international) scrutiny. The wretched rent-a-lawyers at the attorney general thought, in their sociopathic delusions, that they could supersede martyrdom by securing compliance through intimidation. Despite all the echoes of history, the fools believed in their delusions and fell into the perennial cause of what makes a martyr; the hatred of the True, the Good and the Beautiful.




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Luke "Lantern" Thompson

Luke "Lantern" Thompson


I am a lay libertarian, bioethicist, writer, philosopher, alternative health and reform advocate and more.