Justice before proceeding to Court.

It is often said that the wheels of justice turn slowly, and for good reason, when one central force(i.e. government) has a monopoly on law and operation, we inevitably have to deal with the strain of backlog and the formalities of procedure if we are to finally grasp the rusty and weather beaten chalice of justice.

I do not mean to say that Justice is unfulfilling, but that governmental justice is unfulfilling when the King cannot break the laws yet he makes the laws(i.e Coronavirus lockdowns and the Justin Trudeau WE Charity and SNC Lavalin Scandals).

The Coronavirus lockdowns have proved what libertarians have been saying for years, that is regardless of how many branches the tree of government has, it is all one tree! One politically motivated(non-legal) agenda can act like a lymphatic system of influence from the federal to the local level.

An official from the Saskatchewan Public Health Agency confirmed that there are consultations between the ministry of justice and the ministry of health among other sectors which he did not name. It also just so happens to be the case that the president of the Agency was a former Chief of Police! Indicating the primacy of coercion over the original functions of Public Health.

An inspector at the Peel Region(local) office of Public Health also confirmed that there is a ladder like effect of recommendations which makes its way down from the federal level all the way to the local level. Due to my interests being related to the police and the illegality of their conduct, I asked if there has been consultations between Peel Public Health and the Peel Police, he said there likely is and will call me back with details on that nefarious collusion or “consultation” process.

Another example of deceptive federal singularity is the supposedly “unaffiliated” and non partisan Senate of Legal And Constitutional Affairs which, despite the title, does not have any legal clout to challenge let alone defeat Covid lockdown bills and politicized policing which violate the Police Services Act, Habeas Corpus, Department of Justice Act and the Charter itself. To make it even more comical, senators are appointed by the most violently partisan persons in power-prime ministers. Could it be true that the black face donning Justin Trudeau, with his financial crime and blatant admiration for China, Castro and dressed up Marxism in the form of Black Lives Matter, may be just a touch unqualified to be appointing people to a “non partisan” senate? At this point, the answers are self evident.

Even though we have evidence of illegal acts committed by government, we cannot use this evidence to attain justice unless we penetrate the system of justice. We must first begin by reforming(not abolishing) the police, this should be a priority as the government is able to surpass legal constraints simply by utilizing the police to enforce either non existent or illegitimate laws.

This reformation ought to be both internal and external:


-A framework of applied ethics should emerge out of the Police Services Act.

-The police labor union should have the ability to withdraw their services they are told by their police chief to enforce laws or non laws which violate the Police Services Act.

-The financial department should also be subject to an independent forensic audit when requested and paid for by a non government organization or member of the public.

-If an officer is told to make an arrest without a warrant, he should be allowed to not comply with the order and request an arbiter.


  • Private property rights should allow owners to obstruct unruly officers from entering the property without warrant.

This is not at all an exhaustive list of all the reforms that need to take place within policing, but it is a start. It is by way of these reforms that we can stifle the pragmatic illegality of politicization and therefore attain justice before proceeding the court.

Thank you for reading,

Luke Lantern.



I am a libertarian philosopher and author of 9 books. https://www.amazon.ca/Luke-Thompson/e/B09QXY9KWM/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1

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