The above 1896 painting by famous French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (11 May 1824–10 January 1904) is titled

This painting is particularly fitting as it does not show truth emerging as information in the journalistic, empirical, etymological, economic, philosophical, financial or intuitive forms. The painting represents the personification of all those fields combined into one one body in order to legitimate action.

The woman in the painting, who personifies truth, knows that she has been wronged because she was thrown in the well by those bearing falsehood. The motives for her murder may not have been made explicit to her as she was quickly dumped towards her doom, but she makes the rational inference that her position as a truthbearer could be used as a weapon for those looking to de-legitimize those who claim to have an authority on such and such. That, and the calculating nature of the attack, give her the impetus to emerge with a weapon as opposed to her usual mirror. The curator has become the attacker, and her attackers have given themselves an additional burden.

We see here that Truth, although portrayed as a lone woman, is a much more than that. She represents the compound mobilization of Truth who has formed enough of a conviction to act on the Truth.

Libertarians are confident in their convictions in how they expose the fallacies of centralized legislation and monetary policy, the rather (unintended) problem occurs when these refutations do not

This lack of influence, from which no change can occur, is what has bought unlawful and contradictory legislation to pass. What has the Center of Constitutional Studies, the Senate of constitutional affairs, the federal accountability Act or Canadian Civil Liberties Association done to help abolish legislation exposing its lack of warrant through refutation.

The courts can of course overrule legislation, but they cannot challenge its merits for merely existing to begin with. Judicial proceedings always come the carnage has occurred of an unjust law as occurred.

I propose that we counter socialist and the more subtle legislative destructionism with Our “first” actions create methods to find the truth, our second actions apply the truth and our third actions produce strategy.

Strategy must be prioritized when the government becomes self serving, if the police come to shut down your business out of political caprice in the guise of lawfulness, then one physically obstruct those officers by way of ex police turned oath keepers or by creating a network of allies who will support the business owner against police-criminals.

The more that is made of an issue, the quicker the resolution.



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Luke "Lantern" Thompson

I am a lay libertarian, bioethicist, writer, philosopher, alternative health and reform advocate and more.